Answering a Few Q’s

It’s been a few days since my last post, so sorry! I just started classes back up and since I’m in all three and four hundred level English and Journalism classes my time has all but flown out the window. New material will come soon, this time with different cameras! Yayyy. I thought I’d take this morning to answer a few Q’s.

I’ve been getting some questions about what I do aside from blogging and if I do photography full time. I do! I am currently a full time college student as well as work as a freelance photographer. I wish I could say that I shoot really super crazy awesome things all of the time, but I don’t. I have a lot of fun working but most of the stuff that pays the bills are corporate shoots for brochures, website photos, events, concerts, family portraits, weddings and editorial. Sometimes I also shoot news for publications.  Most of the work I post here is stuff I’ve just done as a creative outlet and isn’t paid. I wish! My style stays ultimately the same. I try to offer a different point of view no matter what I’m shooting. I get my ideas from the world around me and sometimes inspiration comes from things I see everyday, just looked at in a new way.

Me and Ferris Wheel taken by my boyfriend, Andrew Windham with a Canonet rangefinder and Tri-X 400 film.

Me and Ferris Wheel taken by my boyfriend, Andrew Windham with a Canonet rangefinder and Tri-X 400 film.

I have been published in The Baltimore Sun, USA Today, Seltzer Zine, Voice of Baltimore, Unique Design, The Towerlight, etc. Photojournalism doesn’t really go by where your photos have been though, so yesterday’s news is, well, yesterday. I am constantly updating my portfolio to reflect my style and what I feel is current. A really great photographer once told me that photojournalism work is like “Living a champagne life on a beer salary”, definitely true. I typically make a decent amount of money but the experiences are what fuel my desire to be in this industry, not my paychecks. I shot Firefly Music Festival last summer in Delaware, my first real photo pit experience, next to Rolling Stone and NYT photographers and it was awesome……I didn’t make any money. But you can check my story out here at The Voice of Baltimore. 

I do take appointments and if you would like to shoot with me please email me, I’ll answer right away. My iPhone is like an extra limb to my body. Blessing and a curse. I typically work around Baltimore, DC and VA.

As for other things, I’m twenty-two and tall, 5’9″ and three quarters to be exact. I used to have blonde hair but now it’s brown due to an almost balding allergic reaction to blonde hair dye. I have a cat that is a cross between a maine coon and a persian. I have a boyfriend named Andrew and he is also a photographer.

2 thoughts on “Answering a Few Q’s

    • I guess any assignment that has me in a different place in the world, all expenses paid of course 😉 Seriously, though, any assignment that has me study someone completely different than me and an assignment that allows me to tell someone’s full story.

      Where do I see myself thirty years from now in photography? Dead. Just kiddinggggg. I don’t know, that will make me 52 years old, which is 17 years past my scary age when I feel like I need to accomplish something noteworthy. I guess still photographing people.

      I will always be an advocate for film! So yes, I will continue to teach myself and others about it 🙂

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