New Things Comin’

Hey everyone, so I have a confession to make. I’ve started a new blog. Before I continue let me make it clear that I AM STILL KEEPING THIS BLOG AS MY MAIN PRIORITY.

Now, to elaborate. My other side project blog is a style blog based on vintage clothing, thrift store finds and miscellaneous weird things as well as my everyday life. I got the idea when I was thrifting for cameras one day and finding all kinds of other awesome stuff. I didn’t want to combine it with this blog because I have a very devoted following on here and I don’t want to bombard all my film people with boring posts about style and vice versa, so I made another one. They’ll cross over from time to time.

If you’re interested in following the side blog, please do! It’s called Better Than Narnia. It only has four posts at the moment but it’s looking like it will do pretty well!

I dropped off three rolls of film today so expect a couple posts on here this coming week featuring a SUPER OLD pull out folder camera.

Me, blogging for you.

Me, blogging for you.

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