YouTube Venture

Hi everyone. So big news (well kind of). I’ve decided to venture onto YouTube! In addition to this blog, my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter I figured it was only right to round out the social media takeover with a YouTube channel. Not sure how exciting or interesting I’ll be, but I’ve gotten a lot of great suggestions and encouragement to begin one so I shall.

Before I start, I want to create an ice-breaker video for people to get to know my personality by doing a Q&A. The link to ask me questions is here:

You can leave Q’s anonymously or you can leave your name, whichever works for you. I think questions about current media situations, general issues in society (I love those), photography, photojournalism (both technical stuff and the business side of stuff), my personal life, social media, anything really – nothing if off limits for this first video.

Thanks in advance! Looking to post my first video within the next week and a half.

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