Baltimore Holiday Lights

Baltimore has some of the best holiday lights around in my opinion. Recently I finished up finals (my first semester of graduate school!) and decided to go snap a photo photos of 34th Street in Hampden. Hampden is this burrow of Baltimore that is responsible for a lot of the quirkiness and whimsical traits that Baltimore is known for. 34th Street has been lighting up the night for sixty-seven years this season. Everyone on 34th decorates their homes to the nines and whether it’s a classic style or a themed style you know it’s going to be elaborate. My personal favorites are the hubcap tree and the little owls.



3l 4l


2l 1l


8l 10l 9l





Lights are on between 6-11pm and I believe until Dec 31. Go check them out!

9 thoughts on “Baltimore Holiday Lights

  1. Awesome lights! I can’t believe that I’m a Baltimorean and have never been to 34th Street to see these! ! ! In fact I had never heard of it until my Sister-In-Law Meg and her friends told me about it! ! Great article…. a must see! !

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