Hit Toy Camera

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the tiny film camera I posted on FB and Instagram over the weekend. I couldn’t really answer them because I didn’t have any answers! I randomly found this little guy in an antique store in Downtown New Orleans. I saw it in the window and was really curious; this was a vintage camera I had yet to see in the wild. Now that I’m home I’ve had time to investigate it. I probably paid too much for it, $50, but hey, when you’re on vacation a thousand miles away from home and really want something no price is too much, right?

According to CameraPedia,

The Hit is a subminiature camera taking 14×14mm exposures on 17.5mm film, based by the Tougodo company based in Toyohashi. It met a large success, and its name became widely used to designate a whole category of cameras, the Hit-type cameras.

This little guy fits in the palm of my hand. Turns out, they’re quite the collectible nowadays. They started somewhere in the 1950’s in toy machines. 15394_10155310356470414_4746573244801263593_n 10519183_10155310357100414_1602823695046406443_n

So cute! I couldn’t find very many examples of what the images look like, aside from this HTML page here. I think once I get a chance to modify some film I will take it out for a spin myself and see what I can get. I’m pretty sure it still works. Stay tuned to see if I can get anything salvageable from it. If not it’ll still look pretty cool sitting on my desk. 🙂

Do YOU have any experience with this camera? If so, shoot me an email at knewmanphoto@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Hit Toy Camera

  1. I had one of these little cameras when I was 10 years old. It had little tiny rolls of real film. Even at that age I had an interest in photography. Unfortunately my only experience with cameras, was my parents Kodak instamatic. All one had to do was pop in a film cartridge. With no knowledge of how to load or unload this type of film. I never successfully loaded it. So, I never got any photos from it. Fortunately my photographic interest were not deterred by my lack of success. I’m not sure what happened to my little camera.

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