Snapshots: Baltimore Pride 2k15

I made it back from Florida last night at around 2am so I was pretty lazy today in terms of shooting. I shot a handful of photos at Baltimore Pride Parade, always a fun time. Last time I attended was in 2011 and from what I remember I had a splendid time. I did just turn 21 the week before that year. Turns out, telling people that you’re new at being 21 at a gay pride parade incites obnoxious drinking and I made many new friends.

Anyways….today’s pride was super visual and a lot of fun to casually photograph. It’s the last pride that will take place in front of the historic Club Hippo in Mount Vernon. Marilyn Mosby showed up surrounded by security, but hey, all publicity is good publicity right?

I wish I would have stayed a bit longer but exhaustion won today.










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