#Friendcation: Secret World

Here’s my last post of the series and it’s ending on a good note. A friend of a friend showed us this secret spot that reminded me of a fairy world. He found the place by following a map drawn on a napkin that was left to him by another friend. Apparently a few decades ago a man came out into the woods to build a replica of a Japanese tea house. The house sits on top of a creek and is made of wood and has glass floors so the creek is visible below. Inside we found a leather book that visitors signed and wrote messages in, whether it was to themselves or to future visitors to read. There was an iridescent horse, a lady in the lake, a staircase to nowhere, a treehouse with stained glass windows and a teepee with wolves drawn on it.

*Don’t ask me where this spot is. It’s nestled a mile deep into the woods of a farm on private property somewhere in upstate New York. Part of the reason it’s remained intact and nice is because it’s rarely disturbed. If you’ve been here, great 😉 

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One thought on “#Friendcation: Secret World

  1. Amazing ! Of course I’d like a print of the photo with the Wolf….LOL… just sayin’ Looks like your trip was an awesome success…… The memories you will have are priceless! ❤

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