Shot My First Wedding in Three Years

Everyone calm down, I was just a second shooter to my super talented friend, DC Photojournalist, Sam Corum. Sam and I met during the Baltimore Protests, so it’s kind of ironic how we went from dodging bricks being thrown at our heads to dodging wine glasses and the flailing arms of happy wedding dancers. Always in the center of it all.

It was actually a lot of fun, I forgot how much I liked interacting with people on a personal level when it comes to big occasions. I used a long exposure flash and a 24-105mm and 16-35mm most of the time, those were always two of my go-to wedding lenses along with the 70-200mm. While I admit I had a lot of fun shooting this wedding, I think it’s safe to say I’m still hiding in wedding retirement for now.

Congratulations Beth & Adam, your wedding was fantastic. 







wed7 wed6

wed9 wed8

wed13 wed14

wed12 wed15






This is what happens when you have to use each other to light test. New profile photos. 😉


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