Won Best Photo Blog & Best Instagram for 2015 Mobbies

Whoa. Tonight I won Best Photo Blog AND Best Instagram tonight at the Mobbie Awards (Maryland Outstanding Blog Awards). 


I wanted to say thank you so much to all the people that take the time to vote for this little blog everyday during Mobbie season – this makes my third win in a row. It may seem like a silly contest for some, but the exposure really does help my blog so it is much appreciated. I am able to do what I do and I broke into this industry BECAUSE of this blog, so I am forever thankful for the people who have endlessly supported it. It’s opened many doors for me for which I am forever thankful for.

Thank you to my friends, my family, my boyfriend, my boyfriend’s family, and all of the people who interact with me on a daily basis online and those who follow  my photo work. Without your shares, likes and comments this blog wouldn’t be continuously evolving.


photo courtesy of Jon Sham


photo courtesy of Nick Frisone of Baltimore Media Blog – check him out!


Funny story – I didn’t think I had a chance to win anything other than Best Photo Blog, there were A LOT of really great Instagram accounts. I was Facetiming with my boyfriend Ryan when they called my name for the Insta Mobbie, so I took him up there with me. photo courtesy of Jon Sham. 

New to my blog? Read a brief history of the blog and how it all began here.

Congratulations to 30th & Weldon for taking home TWO Mobbies on their first year of existence. ❤ Great job ladies.

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