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Whenever I’m anxious or restless I like to go into my photo archives and revisit old assignments. It’s therapeutic in a way, editing through days and moments I haven’t mentally visited in awhile. Brings me back down to reality and out of my head.

Currently, I’m feeling pretty anxious for a silly reason: the dentist. See, I skipped out on a few years of appointments and I’ve landed myself in for a week of gum cleanings…but hey, no cavities. To distract myself I decided to go and revisit all of my Baltimore photos from the protests last spring and last winter. 

It’s really startling viewing these photos, no matter how many times I do. I’m typically awestruck that my laptop is full of what is now a historical moment; my younger brother and sister are going to see these photos in ten, twenty years and go “Was that really all in Baltimore?” I’ll reply, yes. Hopefully by the time that conversation happens things will be different in our city. Maybe another photographer in the 1960’s had that same thought, who knows. I’m also awestruck at how passionate the city I live in is for the equality that it deserves.

I found a few photos that I never published anywhere. Most are just me documenting what I see and playing around with light. I love light. Photography literally means “writing with light.” I’m constantly looking for it, composing with it. Funny how you can share a vision based on something not tangible.

*Please do not repost photos without permission. 






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