13076911_10156814425190414_4782665056911673073_nI just finished typing up and preparing my LAST presentation for graduate school. Kind of weird that this is my next to last night ever of pulling an all nighter for college (I still have a twenty-five page paper to write, let’s not get too wild). I think I might miss it; the endless coffees, the tired eyes, that feeling when you hit “double space” at the end of the paper and it actually meets your minimum page requirement. You know, #justgradschoolthings.

I graduate in TWO weeks and then it’s nothing but this forever – taking photos and traveling places and that is something I can get down with. I try not to think of the crippling student debt that is my gift for slaving away for eight years in college but hey, you’re probably in the same boat as me too.

All jokes aside, graduate school has been a wild ride and it blows my mind I’m about to be completely finished with it so soon. I went into it unsure of myself and what I wanted and initially it was buying me time to figure out my life. It evolved into something so much more than that. My next post will be about graduation and I’ll have specific thoughts on graduate school and why I have no regrets on doing it. More on that later. For now, enjoy these pretty photos of pretty things.

In these next two weeks I have twenty photo assignments (yes, I’m serious), two doctor’s appointments, a hair appointment, my graduation ceremony, and whatever else life throws at me squeezed into the cracks. Thankfully, in preparation for the storm that is #operationbusymay, I got to relax this past weekend by venturing to Florida to visit Ryan. As always, he plans out every day we spend together down there with things he thinks I’d like to do. He’s kind of sweet I guess. 😉 This time he took me to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I’ve never been and have always wanted to go experience it. One more thing crossed off my bucket list.

All photos copyright Kaitlin Newman, please do not repost or use without permission.

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Thanks for reading, as always.

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