Yoga with Cats at M.Power Yoga Studio

This has been a pretty hard week news wise. I’ve been covering vigils in honor of the Orlando shooting all week which hasn’t left much room for positivity. When I heard about a yoga class that involved kittens, I was all over it. I definitely wanted to photograph something a bit more upbeat that makes people smile, even if it was for only an hour.

I’ve never done yoga. I own a yoga ball that I sometimes lay across to crack my back. I own a pair of yoga pants for when I have to go out in public and sweatpants aren’t acceptable attire. I’ve never been able to touch my toes. However, kittens were involved so to a yoga class I went. I also own a cat, a Persian rescue named Cassyus. She sometimes poops in her own fur and pees in my suitcase when I leave, but I love her still.

Yoga + cats makes for a very adorable time. M.Power Yoga Studio located in Canton partnered up with Animal Allies Rescue Foundation AARF for two classes where all proceeds went to the animals.

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I loved creating them.

Special thanks to M.Power Yoga and Jermain Keene’s 5pm class for allowing me to photograph you. It was a nice break from the typical news I often photograph. 


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