This post is going to remain short and sweet. This week I’ll be venturing back down South to New Orleans and the blog posts will roll in, so until then enjoy this little photo story.

This weekend was spent covering Fleet Week Maryland for The Baltimore Business Journal. The Navy comes here and docks large ships such as the USS Zumwalt, the Navy’s most technologically advanced destroyer. Tours are available to the public and the Blue Angels do overheard aerial shows across the city.

I shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and a 100-400mm lens and a Fuji XT10 with a 50-230mm lens. The Fuji did a wonderful job with getting me those crisp, clear shots. The Canon did an alright job too but I’ll admit that the Fuji stole the show.

I had the opportunity to photograph from the penthouse at Silo Point, the tallest building in Locust Point which overlooks Fort McHenry.


P.S. To the nice Naval Officer I spoke to about the Fuji XT10 and taught how to use the back flip screen: I’d love to see your photos!

To see more photos from this weekend, please visit the BBJ here.

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