New Orleans Adventure


It’s been a minute since my last travel blog but don’t worry this is a good one. Ryan and I took a mini trip to New Orleans, Louisiana this past weekend and I got to revisit one of my favorite cities in America.

I’ve loved NOLA since before I even physically went there. My home of Baltimore (also home of the Ouija Board and Edgar Allan Poe) is a very quirky, spooky city. It’s one of the few cities I’ve been to that I can say would accurately fit as the backdrop to a Tim Burton movie. The other city I’d have in mind for this is New Orleans. I guess you can say I have a thing for the historical macabre.

My first trip to NOLA was some time ago. I had looked up a list of places to see and reached out on social media for suggestions from fellow travelers. All suggestions were good, but none really beat just going there and seeing what I found myself. I went around Saint Patrick’s Day the first time around so I figured it was only appropriate to see what Halloween season was like. It wasn’t much different than the first go-around, but I feel like each time I visit I always find something new.





I hope you enjoyed seeing NOLA through my eyes for the second year in a row. All photos were shot on a Fuji XT10 with a 16-55mm lens. For more information on this camera, please see here. 

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