What’s in my Bag? [Updated!]

I haven’t done a post on what I carry around in forever and it’s definitely overdue because my entire setup has changed. If you remember my last post on this you probably thought I had bulging muscles considering the amount of weight I was carrying around on a daily basis. I actually don’t have bugling muscles, in fact I have noodle arms, but it was a pretty hefty bag.

These days I’m much, much lighter with my gear.

First up is the mirrorless system I use. It’s Fuji and the current bodies I use the most are the XT2 and the XT10. You can see a review of the XT10 here. The XT2 is similar, but designed better and has more bells and whistles. They weigh next to nothing. The flip out LCD screen is my favorite feature, mainly because it’s changed the way I compose my shots for the better. My other saving grace is the wifi connection the bodies offer so I can send high-resolution photos to my phone.

I use the 18-55mm lens the most but I also have the 27mm pancake and the 50-230mm long lens as well. Between the three I have all bases covered. The XT2 comes with a pop-on baby flash that’s more powerful than it looks, however I intend to upgrade it soon.

Other necessities are the Fuji XP120, a tiny consumer point and shoot for underwater photos. It’s also wifi equipped. I always try to carry one of these in my bag because while I don’t find myself in these situations very often, they’re a great accessory to have when I do. They allow me to get an otherwise unattainable point of view.

The iPhone 7+’s camera has blown me away. I use it as my personal camera on the go. I pair it with an OlloClip, which is a clip on lens attachment. I use the macro lens for photographing tiny worlds and the wide-angle lens for photographing big ones.

Below is a handful of photos I’ve taken with all of these cameras, can you guess which photos came from which camera?

1. Fuji XP120, 2. Fuji XT10, 3. iPhone 7+, 4. Fuji XT2


*This setup can change depending on the photo assignment. If it’s anything to do with sports or something super fast-paced then I prefer to shoot with the DSLR, the Canon 5D III that I have. I sold the 5D2 ages ago.

As far as the actual bag goes, I switch between anything from my ONA bags to my Balenciaga bag, to my Fjallraven backpack. The lovely thing about using primarily mirrorless is that they fit into almost anything. I recommend the leather body cases and glass LCD screen protectors. You wouldn’t believe how many scratches and dings those things take.

In other news, I just turned 27 and I started a new job today.

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