Baltimore Pride 2k17

Hi everyone. Another year, another Pride. Definitely not complaining! This year was better than last – my loafers didn’t melt to the concrete this year. You all know I’ve been shooting mainly video and learning the ins and outs of that, so today that’s what I mostly did – shot video. I made a cute little low-res clip from my iPhone and you can find that at the bottom of this post.

But first, photos! My favorite.

IMG_2524 2IMG_2523 2Unknown-6IMG_2537 2IMG_2520 2IMG_2519 2Unknown-9IMG_2535 2UnknownUnknown-8IMG_2521 2IMG_2529 2Unknown-11IMG_2559 2IMG_2525 2Unknown-5IMG_2526 2IMG_2536 2Unknown-1IMG_2527 2Unknown-4Unknown-7IMG_2530 2Unknown-10Unknown-2IMG_2538 2Unknown-3

*If you are in any of these photos, please feel free to use on social media with appropriate credit. If you aren’t and would like to use photos on social media with appropriate credit, please reach out to me at 

Song is “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. Kind of cliche but also fitting. 🙂

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