Light City 2k18


Light City came and went really fast this year. Most of the week was freezing but we had a few nice weather nights. I got to take some portraits of friends as well as do some work too. The installations this year were great, though I do wish some of the ones from last year would have come back, most notably the giant egg thing.


For portraits I used a 35mm f/1.4 and a prism to create reflections.  This was super easy because of the light basically being 360degrees around us. I typically shot at 2.0 or 2.8 and kept ISO no higher than 4000 most of the time. A fast lens is necessary for this stuff because it’s what gives you the blurred background and sharp low-light focus.


For this next set, my sister Allison modeled. I shot it a little bit differently than the previous photos. I used the same setup but I used the prism to reflect the water from the fountains behind her, creating this watercolor looking effect.


Lastly, these ones were shot with your standard off camera flash to make the light trails. I believe that they were shot around ISO 100, f/4.3 and .5″ The light leaks on some were added in post 🙂


I hope y’all enjoyed my photos from this year! I’ll add more to this post before the weekend ends.


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