I Have an Intern!

Photo May 05, 3 23 50 PM

Yes, you read that correctly. I have been trusted to teach and mold the mind of a youth. Jedi training has begun.

Kyle Andercyk is an EMF major at Towson U, my 2x alma mater. I’ve known him for quite sometime and have always loved his enthusiasm and support for the creative arts. His positivity and willingness to learn radiates from him, so when he asked to be my intern I was super flattered and excited. If you’re an OG follower of mine, you’ll remember when I interviewed him about his love for photography ages ago. He’s definitely been practicing since then.

Photo May 05, 3 23 49 PM

Along with photography, Kyle loves plants and knitting. He’s made some beautiful things! He also is a Pomeranian dad to Chole and Pumpkin. His favorite thing to cover photo-wise are protests. He’s a child after my own heart; y’all know how much I love conflict and protest assignments. Kyle will be learning how to accurately cover feature, news, and styling his own environmental portraits on the fly. He’ll be documenting his assignments in real time over on his own blog – CLICK HERE TO SEE IT.

He covered his very first event/feature assignment today, The Kinetic Sculpture Race.

Photo May 05, 3 37 56 PM

He’s learning fast and I’m excited to see how his blog develops this summer.

I’ve been an intern several times in my life. Each time I learned so much more than I thought I would. I interned with Edwin Remsberg Inc as a second shooter and photo assistant. I interned at The Baltimore Sun as a staff photographer and shot on my own. Now I do this for a living and am teaching someone else what was taught to me. Life is weird.

Follow Kyle on Instagram over at @keylimehi 



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