Mini Portrait Sessions

This past month I offered a special on my social media platforms for $100 mini-portrait sessions. I figured I would get two or three people to sign up. In reality, I had way more and I was blown away by the interest. Turns out, people love quality photos of themselves. Who wouldn’t? We live in a society where you are investigated and analyzed before even meeting someone face-to-face. Photos matter. Your personal brand matters. The way you present yourself online matters.

I had a great time getting to know all of these unique personalities. Each person has something special about them that makes a portrait session a different experience every time. If you’re a photographer and all of your sessions feel the same, you need to do something to change them up. I’ve been there and the burn out isn’t fun. If that sounds familiar, try a different lens, point of view, space or new color palette. Even shooting at different times of the day can change your routine or inspire you to see differently.

Creative/environmental portraiture has always been one of my favorite niches of photography, next to photojournalism. I especially love when they cross paths.

Thank you Julia, Erica, Christine, Rachel, Wayne, and Taylor & Eric. I’ll be adding more to this post as my special moves along.

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