Where is My Mind – Part 2 – Ending an Engagement


I’ve sat down to write this post many, many times. Each time it wasn’t me, it wasn’t my voice and it wasn’t the tone I wanted to portray when I publicly wrote about this. I needed to write this at a time when I’ve been far enough removed both physically and emotionally from that situation in order to tell it truthfully as I saw it to the best of my ability. I’ve gotten A LOT of questions about this, which is understandable when you live your life on the internet. I went from posting engagement stories and photos of R and I to absolutely nothing. I can see how that comes off as odd if you’re someone looking in from the outside, so here’s the story, here’s my truth.

First things first – I didn’t want to be engaged. I thought I did. After much exploration and honesty with myself, I now know that I didn’t. I convinced myself I did because I thought I knew what love was (I didn’t) and I thought I was doing what I was supposed to be doing with my life. We were not compatible as a partnership or a couple in the long run. Seeing each other for a few weeks constantly and then being apart for a few weeks (he in Orlando, me in Baltimore) never gave us the time needed to really understand how our flaws and talents were and were not compatible. I did tell R I wouldn’t move to Florida unless we were engaged, at the time I couldn’t see myself moving so far away from everything and everyone I loved for something that might or might not have a future. But guess what I learned? A ring doesn’t determine that either, surprise. There were A LOT of red flags in that relationship that I swept under the rug, that I put off as not being so bad.

I should have paid more attention. 

I tried to relocate several times to Orlando, but work was just not in the cards for me there. A blessing in disguise. R called me a liar on that but I did try. I had several interviews and sent out countless applications – some for jobs I didn’t even really want. Photography and journalism isn’t much in demand in Orlando, the Disney consumer cesspool capital of America. Also, Orlando personally didn’t cut it for me creatively speaking. It wasn’t what I wanted and it never was no matter how hard I tried to assimilate myself or lie to myself about it otherwise.

5/10/18 – R proposed to me at the BWI airport in front of a bunch of strangers – my goddamn nightmare. Three days later I found out about the mass in my dad’s brain, the cancer. Life works in funny ways you know. I went from being happy to absolutely miserable. I was supposed to go to Florida for an entire month to job search in Tampa, a city R agreed to move to and later retracted, but that was off the table. My dad didn’t have anyone but me and I had to stay in Baltimore to take care of him.

The entire summer was madness. I spent hours every day on the phone with doctors and insurance people and advocates trying to get my dad into treatment. R tried to help but you can’t really do much when you’re 1000+ miles away. All I wanted to do was sleep, not hear about the millions of things I should *also* be doing. As if taking care of my dad, handling doctors appointments, paying everyone’s bills, having four hour phone conversations with everyone who could possibly help my dad and fighting with insurance wasn’t enough to make me want to throw myself into traffic. His way of helping was telling me what to do in a situation that he never experienced. 

If you read Part 1 of this depressing as fuck series, you’ll know that my dad died two months later and I ended the engagement two days before his services. I’m sure you want to know the trigger, the tipping point…..


8/9/18 – After my dad died it took R almost two weeks to come to Maryland to see me. Part of that was because he had a boss who wouldn’t allow it.  When he got into my car he slumped in the front seat and got on his phone. Communication had been rough and we had been fighting a lot, mainly because of the insane amount of stress I was under. I didn’t want to talk and when I did I was just so tired and so angry. I felt alone all the time. We drove in silence to my house, I took a call from my friend Aaron who was worried about me. He showed me more love and kindness than R did in that entire airport pick up.

We met up with my friend, I told him about how I might take a teaching job this fall. I knew I was going to be responsible for my dad’s house during probate. He didn’t have life insurance or a will, so we had to go the long route. The mortgage still had to be paid and the house is worth more than triple what he paid for it. I’d be an idiot to let it foreclose. R got upset at the possibility of me staying in Baltimore for an undetermined amount of time. Understandable, yet I had no option. The rest of the day was tense.

Later that night we were talking and it escalated. He asked me that if my mom died, would I move into her house too? I felt like I moved in slow motion. No one who loves someone to the degree that they would marry them would say that. My dad had just died and the last thing I wanted to think about is my mom dying too. The answer was, yes, yes I would move into her house because I would be the guardian of my younger siblings. I got the ring box, put the ring back into the box and gave it to him. His mom came to get him. I spent the night alone and the next two days alone. 

8/11/18- R did come to my dad’s services a few days later. He stayed the whole time. He left after it was over and didn’t come to the celebration of my dad’s life with friends and family. He got into his parent’s borrowed car and left for Florida that night, canceling his flight for that following Monday. That was the last time I saw him. 

8/19/18 – In the weeks that followed things weren’t settled. We were still together, not engaged. I ended the relationship officially on this day. A few days later I went to LA for some downtime with my best friend. When I was out there I saw R had been hanging out with a girl he worked with while we were together, someone he posted videos about on his social media. She’s eight years younger than him and he is now dating her, a fact that I called out and he argued with me tooth and nail about. They later posted a video of them singing a song together R wrote about me, True Colors. A song about how awful of a person I was. Weird and cringe in its own right but even worse when it’s done by someone who didn’t even know me or the tragedy I had just been through. At the end of the day though, I’m sure their song “singing” isn’t much different than me blogging about my experiences.

We tried momentarily to be peaceful and to explore a friendship at the later part of November/early December. I gave him advice on dating someone so young and my thoughts on that and opinions. They had a lot of red flags too, of which I’ll keep private since this is about me and my experiences and not his new relationship. He’d call me 3x a day to just talk up until February, most of the time I just listened. My life was kept mostly private from him. At the end of January/beginning of February I realized that it was a toxic friendship, just like it was a toxic relationship. I hated when he called me and it would put me in a bad mood. I didn’t need to answer ever again. I explained that I had no hard feelings and that I just wanted to leave it in the past where it should be left. He said he understood and that was that.


I’ll spare the stories of the nasty emails (yes emails because he was blocked on everything else), friends getting involved and rumors flying around because that doesn’t matter now. ALL of it got me to where I am now. It was unsettling how quickly I got over the love part of the relationship. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bitter about the way he treated me during a time in my life when I needed someone, anyone to stand by me. But looking at it with clear eyes I am SO THANKFUL that it’s over. I’m sure he is too. We both get to live in the cities we want to live in, date the people we actually want to be with, and work the jobs that we love. 

Ending my engagement was terrifying. I had my life planned out and then it was yanked out from under me. I felt terrified but, also, I felt so free. I felt that I had been honest with myself for the first time in a long, long time. The moment I gave that ring back I felt sadness but also like I finally let out a breath I had been holding for so, so long. I could be apologetically me again and I could focus on healing and crafting my life the way I wanted, not trying so hard to fit into someone else’s life. If you’re in this situation and feel the way I felt, GET OUT. It might hurt and cause issues for a little bit but I PROMISE it’s better than the alternative.

Today I’m with someone that I actually DO love. I know I do because I just know, it was never a question. Someone that doesn’t make me feel guilty for feeling things the way I feel them. Someone who will sit and talk with me when something comes up, someone who cares enough about me as a person to know that love is about trust and communication, not just tallying up the nice things you do for someone. Someone who effortlessly has fit with me since day one. G, I love ya. Thank you, thank you, thank you. There will be more on this, but he deserves his own post and story at a later date. 

UPDATE: Because I received threatening emails from R after publishing this blog post, I’ve decided to continue writing my truth without using his full name, just identifying him by a single letter and telling more of what I left out. He called me several times, continued to lie and then brought my parents into his nasty commentary. He threatened to “sue” me for talking about him and his girlfriend on this blog post, you know, the TWO SENTENCES of 1000+ words. Sorry, dude this is America. He sent me several emails as official “warnings” and then forwarded them to me to show me he sent them to his mom.

That was the final straw. He told me he was glad we didn’t work out because of how my mom treated my dad – he knows nothing about that, he said it to bring up a traumatic part of my childhood out of spite and hatred. Well, here’s to me bringing up your past, R. Live with it. 

R is terrified his gf will find out about all of the VERY personal information about her he shared with me several months ago, that’s why he threatened me. Silencing me to cover up more of his lies, just like he tried to do with girls before me. While I’m not going to put her information out there, I will share what I found out from others. Hey girl, if you’re reading this RUN AWAY NOW. He’s a pathological liar and a damn good manipulator. When we first started dating he told me how great of a liar he was but we laughed it off, like he was joking. He wasn’t joking and he’s already lied to you. Let me guess, ALL of his exes are abusive? ALL of them are crazy? There’s a common denominator and it’s him. Who knows what he’s told you about me, Enna, Arielle, Molly, etc. Probably everything he lied to me about.

A girl from R’s past reached out to me via social media completely unsolicited and unprovoked. She saw the profile photo I had of G and I and assumed that I was no longer with R. She told me that she had been wanting to tell me things forever but was afraid to. She told me that R lied to me about their relationship. He was with her when she was underage, his mother knew about it, and it caused distinct emotional and mental trauma to her until she was well into her twenties. This particular person was someone I also knew but R discouraged the friendship because she was “crazy” – just like everyone else he’s dated or wronged apparently. I guess if I was in my twenties I’d be ashamed of what I did with an underage girl too. I don’t mean underage like, seventeen. I mean like fifteen. She wasn’t crazy, he was and still is. I have screenshots of that stuff too, but I’m not angry enough to post those. Not yet anyways. Let’s see if anything else surfaces.

She sent me a reddit thread under his user name from several years ago. The thread detailed how he previously had purchased a ring for a previous ex, an ex he lied to me about being abusive. It was a link she sent me, so it was all real and not doctored text. . He told me he was never engaged and had never even thought about asking anyone else. FALSE. It’s all there on the reddit thread. He apparently bought an $8,500 ring for an ex.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 12.21.32 PM

She also sent me screenshots (not doctored) of their FB conversations. Feel free to open them in PS and analyze them. He lied through every single one of them. Saying he bought a house in Florida. LOL FALSE he lives at his parent’s house and before that it was with his sister. He lied to everyone to seem cooler and more successful than he was. Who knows what all he lied to me about.


His lies unravel on a consistent basis. I found out things I never wanted to know, from people I never thought I’d be reached from. It’s ok though. All these years, all of this self-doubt resulted in immense validation. I didn’t trust him ever and I was right for it. 

Thank you, girl, for telling me and showing me what I should have known a long time ago. R, you’re disgusting. Your lies will catch up with you and you’ll end up sad and alone. I hope you do. 

Why post this now? Because I just recently received proof of what a liar he really is. I didn’t ask for the proof, as stated before it came to me. Fell right from the heavens into my lap. He acts like a wounded warrior of love in all of his shitty pop music. He’s not, the reason he’s been in so many awful relationships is because of HIS actions.

With that being said and the lies having unraveled and put out into the light I feel as though I am now validated in my years of distrust and anxiety. I no longer feel bad for anything I have done, including saying yes to an engagement and later ending it. I can move on with my life and leave the hatred and bitterness in the past. This is the last update I will write and the last time I will speak on it. My hands are clean, are yours? 

3 thoughts on “Where is My Mind – Part 2 – Ending an Engagement

  1. Kaitlin I am so sorry you have had to go through so much in your short life…..but…I can see it has made you an even stronger and loving person as you already were. I’m so glad you found G. ….Your writing is awesome…. I love you….

  2. Kaitlin, your dad was a terrific man. I have known him since he was a teenager. Your writing is exceptional. I am so very sorry that you went through all this tragedy at one time. I can say this, your mom and dad raised a strong woman. I commend you for your decision to end your engagement. Things happen for a reason and God has set you on a new path. Follow that path and stay strong.

    • Thank you so much. I definitely have great parents that’s for sure. It’s nice to hear the support for the ending of the engagement, not many people supported my decision. They told me I jumped the gun because of my grief but I knew I didn’t.

      I don’t believe in God but I appreciate the thought behind it ❤

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