Baltimore Pride 2k19 (Shot Exclusively on iPhone)

It’s no secret that I LOVE photographing the Pride parade. It’s just something about everyone feelin’ themselves and looking beautiful while being who they want to be. This was my fifth year in a row photographing the Baltimore Pride Parade, except I did it a little different this year.

You can see previous years here, here, here, and here. This year, I shot everything on my iPhone 7+.

I know a lot of my professional photographer follower friends are going to face palm and cringe at the thought of that, however I see it as challenging myself to use the one camera I always have on me – my smartphone. If I can’t shoot a cohesive photo story with that then what am I doing? I wanted to be weightless and enjoy the parade and be in the moment, not burdened by a lot of heavy photo gear. Since I wasn’t contracted out or on an official photo assignment, I thought it was a great time to do this challenge.

*photos of me and G were shot by Kyle, you can follow him on Instagram at @KEYLIMEHI

I used a combination of different iPhone photo editing apps (about five) and a wide angle lens from Moment for the final outcome of these photos. While the quality doesn’t match my Canon 5D3 that I would normally have used, the iPhone didn’t do bad.

If you’re interested in purchasing the iPhone lens attachment I used, go here to read more about them.

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