Quiet, The Baby is Sleeping

“Quiet, the babies are sleeping!” That’s what my mom always said when my brother and sister were babies, back in 2004, when I had my friends over. It ended up being ingrained in our heads, even fifteen years later.

My best friend that I have known since high school recently had her first baby. Time is wild and weird. I had the honor of taking his first photographs and being the first friend to visit (take that Kira). Liam is the tiniest little beeb, all squishy and floppy, though he really wants to be able to hold his head up.

Kaitlyn and her husband Ryan have been together since then too, since our early high school days. I’ve been fortunate to watch them grow up and mature and tackle all of life’s milestones together. We have now known each other for half our lives you guys! Liam is lucky to have been born on such a strong foundation. He’s also lucky that I have a lot of stories to tell him about his parents. 😉

Photographing fresh babies is easy, don’t let it scare you! Babies are pretty resilient little things. Many moons ago I worked at a place called The Picture People, one of those mall studio type places. If you want a laugh, click the link. It was hell on Earth but it taught me a lot about how to handle tiny humans, which comes in handy, when you know, your friend pops one out. I no longer photograph babies for work, but if it’s your jam I encourage you to explore new techniques! Everyone deserves to have nice photos of their fresh humans, preferably not in the mall.

Oh, before I forget, Kait and Ryan are down with the gays. Way to set a beautiful example for your baby boy – love is love. Hopefully this next generation is raised not taught to hate or discriminate, starts with parents like you guys. ❤

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