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Next year, 2020, I will be launching a social media branding agency. What does that mean? Well, I will continue to create the same content I do for my clients now, photo and video work, but I will offer the added service of translating that content into a cohesive brand identity across their social media channels by helping to create and develop a strategy to market their services or products.

Social media should NOT be an afterthought but far too often it is. I see smaller businesses (and alarmingly even bigger businesses) posting once or twice a month on their Instagrams, hardly ever Twitter and maybe on FB, but it’s chaotic and not planned. There’s no strategy.

Your social media is the FACE of your BRAND. It’s the first thing people will search for and it will leave the biggest impression.

Factors like time of day, day of the week, hashtags, location, and even color palette matters when it comes to running your social media successfully.

Take a look at the most successful social media accounts. What do they have in common?

High quality photos and video
Well thought out captions
Relevant hashtags
Consistency in posts (every day, sometimes multiple times per day)
A theme that ties the brand together – colors, product placement, mood, aesthetic.
Engagement with followers

Do your social media accounts have those traits? If not, why?

Here’s some facts:

22% of digital consumers have liked or followed a brand on a social network in the past month, and more than 4 in 10 use social networks to research new brands or products, making it the second-most important channel of all. Among 16-24 year olds, social media comes top, having overtaken search engines towards the end of 2017.

98% of digital consumers are social media users, and adoption is high even among 55-64s (94%). An average of 2 hours 22 minutes per day is spent on social networks and messaging, although this gure has started to decrease in speci c markets.

Do these stats change your opinion on how you are treating your business’ social media channels? If so, drop me an email and let’s work together. I am accepting a small amount of clients for 2020 and would like to get a head start this fall. Let’s meet.


Why me?

I have worked in the journalism, advertising, and non-profit industries, doing social media branding throughout. I have completed photo assignments with The Baltimore Sun, The New York Post, The Baltimore Business Journal, The Weather Channel, Buzzfeed News, Baltimore Magazine, POLITICO among others. Commercially, I have shot video and still photos for McCormick Spice, Smyth Jewelers (Holiday Catalog 2017), Hair Cuttery, Visit Baltimore, Ventev, Sterling Forever, Love from Argentina, BGE, Grayson Moon Band and Daily Gem, among others.

Now I combine those talents with social media marketing and writing to be able to create content for both public and private projects. I have a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism & New Media. I am certified in Google Ads.

This blog is read in all the counties that are colored pink!
Stats from THIS blog, that I’ve run for the past seven years.

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Content, Layout, Design, & Typography

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