Papershoot Camera – A Sustainable Digital Camera

What would my return to blogging be without an affiliate plug? Don’t worry, it’s good.

Introducing Papershoot! Papershoot is a neat little digital camera whose mission is to cut down on plastic parts and have sustainable packaging – wood or paper. The photos look like film for those of you into the vibe.

This camera takes an SD card and can also be plugged directly into your computer. It is capable of time lapse if plugged into a power source and can also shoot color, black and white, sepia and green.

They have the option of different lenses that attach magnetically to the front; wide angle and macro. Without the lenses the angle is decently wide.

If you’re new here you’ll know this was a film photography blog wayyyy back in the day. I only shot on 35mm or 120mm film and was VERY adamant about not going digital.

Welp, things changed. I haven’t shot film in a really long time and I DO miss it but in the meantime this little guy has gotten me to shoot for fun again without worrying about technicality or what the frames look like immediately after. I throw this in my bag and take it out with me and upload the photos once a month or so. It’s a fun surprise.

It takes some getting used to. I recommend using rechargeable batteries because they last longer and cut back on waste. It works at nighttime with available light if you’re still when shooting. Works best in overcast light.

*I bought this for myself before I was made an affiliate, so this wasn’t sent to me for free and I was not paid to write this review.


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