iPhone Apps That Just Make Sense

I get asked on a daily basis what apps I use to edit on my iPhone. When I create content for brands or myself, I use my iPhone about 90% of the time. I only really use an actual computer when I need to make intricate retouches, need to resize in a very specific way, or need to create something very high-resolution. Everything else is done on the phone! Let’s get into it. Here are my top choices that I use almost every single day.

PicsArt – don’t let the name fool you, this app is very powerful with photo manipulation, layering, color grading and design. It’s a one stop shop. The yearly fee is a little expensive but worth it. 

Canva – if you’re in branding or marketing you probably know about Canva. If not, get hip. It’s a wonderful tool for designing posters, ads, PDFs, email blasts and more. If you’re not design savvy, there are many templates for you to use. Think of it as InDesign for your phone. Monthly fee, worth it. 

Instasize – Great for color grading and resizing for social media 

Filto – Video editing for creative content 

Adobe Premiere for Mobile – Adobe CC subscription required for use. Perfect for video ads and quick social media reels on the go. 

Removal – Removes backgrounds and other unwanted things in commercial / advertising photo work. 

FaceApp / FaceTune – Touch ups and blemish removal for portraits. This is how I make you look smooth and polished but in a subtle way!

StoryChic – Photo collage templates with some style for IG stories and email blasts (see below client work).

Pantone – Great for building color palettes and establishing brand colors and identity. 

Here are some examples of what I’ve created using JUST my iPhone and a combination of these applications.

photos by Josh Rottman
photos by Josh Rottman

The photos featuring me were taken with and edited on iPhone with a tripod and shutter remote. The client work photos were taken with a Canon 5D Mark III uploaded to iPhone via a memory card reader for iPhone (just plugs right into the headphone jack!) and edited on iPhone.

Below are examples of using Canva to make a menu for a restaurant client – this was done completely on iPhone. Canva is fun because you can use it on mobile OR desktop and your designs will transition seamlessly. You can also create folders to collaborate with other users, so like a design team or group. Everything is in one place which I LOVE. If you’re not design savvy, don’t worry. They also have a ton of pre-made templates to help you out.

Below are examples of the Pantone app. I love this app especially because it helps me to color match the exact palette found in my visual work. Color matching and color theory is SO IMPORTANT when it comes to branding and cohesion is king. You can easily do this in InDesign, Photoshop and other editing programs but since we are talking iPhone editing only this app is most helpful for on the go.

If you liked this blog post and want to see more of my client / branding / photo work, give my agency Launch 2020 a follow on IG at @launch2020agency 🙂

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