Podcast Convo! The Impact of Digital Film Filters

Hi! Andrew and I moved up into the world and created a podcast. It’s our first one! We are simply conversing about the effect programs that make digital photos look like they were shot with film have had on the film industry as a whole.

People seem to really love the “look” of film these days. Have these programs engaged people enough to want to try out using actual film? Or have they hindered the industry by making people lazy and putting the entire process of using actual film on the back burner since people can now achieve the “same” look in Photoshop or other editing applications?

What do you think?

Hear us talk! Photo courtesy of Google Images

4 thoughts on “Podcast Convo! The Impact of Digital Film Filters

  1. Awesome! A podcast! What a wonderful idea. I love the interaction between the two of you. Very informative. You should definitely do more of these.

    • Thanks! The podcast was a “blogger’s challenge” for my homework this week. I liked doing it. Kinda awkward at first but you ease into it. I enjoyed it, I don’t know how Andrew liked it…. 😉

      It was a good topic to discuss. Hopefully we can think of more things!

  2. Interesting podcast – I always wonder why people feel like there is a way to get the shot “right” in the camera in the firs place and not spend time in photoshop editing. Two of my favorite photographers Jerry Uelsmann and Ansel Adams spent the whole lives in the darkroom editing images and going well beyond what could have been done in the camera alone. The camera is often just the first step in the creative process, certainly not the final word. Freestyle photography recently had an exhibit that displayed mixed media images, instagram shots that were converted to negatives and printed traditionally, along with traditional film methods. In 90% of the cases, I couldn’t tell the difference once it was framed and hung on a gallery wall. All of them were pretty awesome.

    Fun subject to discuss as usually traditional film shooters feel very strongly against instagram. I agree it can be very rewarding to process film yourself, but there are a lot of shooters like myself who are allergic to the chemistry. I cannot process it myself and at current prices about $10 a roll for b&w processing and scanning, it very quickly becomes cost prohibative and it is hard to find local places to do it.

    • Thanks! I have mixed feelings towards technology mixing with film. On one hand, it WAS what got me into shooting film, seeing photos that had been edited to look like film made we want to try the real thing. Ironically enough! I like to make sure I frame well because personally, I hate to waste shots since it does cost so much to process (I don’t process either). Maybe I should just free shoot more often, after all I have gotten a lot of happy accidents that way. Maybe our next one will have a more focused conversation, I’d love to include other people! Thanks for actually listening to it 🙂

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