Tutorial: Changing the Background of a Photo on iPhone to Black

Ever taken a photo against a wall and wished it was black? Welp, now you can remedy that!

These photos were taken in my dining room before a party the other night. I was wearing pink. While I love the color of my dining room walls, they didn’t exactly compliment my outfit. I wanted them to be darker and didn’t want to set up my backdrop.

The original photo is on the left and was taken with an iPhone 11 Max Pro. If you’ve noticed in my past camera tutorials, I use iPhones when I create my tutorials now because it’s what most people have access to. I want creative photography to be accessible to everyone regardless of the type of camera they have. You don’t need a $6,000 set up to have fun with photography – though it is nice.

First things first – you’ll need three things: a tripod with a bluetooth remote that holds your iPhone, a plain colored wall, and a light source. You can find the tripod and softboxes I use here. A light source could also be a window if it happens to face you or a ring light. Just make sure that the light is directly on you and not to the side.

Next you’re going to need the apps PicsArt and Removal.

Open the photo you want to use in PicsArt
Select the “FX” tool at the bottom of the screen.
Chose the black and white filter that makes your background darkest.
Click the eraser icon at the top of the screen.
Chose “select” at the bottom.
Click “person” and then “invert.”
Clean up the edges around your subject with the erase tool.
Click “apply”
Go back to “FX” and chose the filter you want your entire photo to have.
Adjust as desired.
Open the photo in the Removal App.
Remove anything on the walls.

Watch the video below for extra help!

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