REVIEW: Moment iPhone Lenses

iPhoneography, the act of taking photos with one’s iPhone, has been huge ever since visual social media platforms like Instagram have taken over the way we share content and communicate. Smartphone cameras get better with every generation and the quality of photos have almost matched what professional DSLRs put out. This brings along a whole new realm of possibilities ranging from lenses to lighting to prisms specifically made for smartphones. I used to use an OlloClip for everything and loved it. It was about $100 and got the job done, especially for macro shots. When you’re a journalist on the go these little accessories really come in handy when you don’t have a DSLR on you. I heard about Moment lenses from a blog I follow. I looked them up, about $110 PER LENS. Really pricey, especially for a phone accessory. Not only that, you have to also buy a special phone case for the lens to attach to which will run you about $40. Was it worth it to spend $$$ for something that will end up in my underwear drawer in about two weeks? Well, read on.

First thing I noticed was the packaging. I’m a straight sucker for packaging. The lenses were nestled in these high quality boxes with foam inserts, a velvet bag, and a little card explaining how to attach it to the case. The case itself feels like a $40 case. It has a wooden panel on the back and a soft microfiber inside. Etched in tiny little letters in the wood it says “Long Live The Picture Taker”. Ugh, so precious. Jesus.

I purchased the wide angle lens and the macro lens. I figured this was a good start because it can cover a wide variety of different shots.

Let’s get started with the 18MM WIDE.

Next up is the MACRO

So, what’s my take?

Are they worth the money? Yes! I haven’t tried them all but the two that I have purchased I’ve noticed myself using a lot. The macro is especially great, a lot better than the OlloClip macro in my opinion. The wide is great for landscapes but also portraits surprisingly enough.

A con is that you need to buy a special case for them to work. This wouldn’t be an issue except that if you upgrade your phone, you need to upgrade the case. It’s a well made case but that can get annoying to spend $40 each time you want to change it. The lens screw into the opening for the camera lens on the case. The OlloClip has all lenses in one and clips onto the phone but depending upon the case it might need to be removed, so I suppose whatever iPhone lens you go with you’re going to have a case issue.

The other con is that the lenses don’t come with back caps! They have lens caps but nothing for the backs which makes no sense to me. They come with little bags but it’s much easier to just toss them in your bag and know they’re fully protected if they just included back covers.

Despite these cons, I still do recommend them if you have expendable cash. I do NOT get sponsored or paid to do this review, this is my own money, so it means a lot to me to recommend something that I wouldn’t call affordable.


*I do get paid by Amazon to promote products. So if you are thinking of purchasing these lenses, do it through the linked photos above! Help a sista out.

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