I am a Free Woman: Rejoice!

I am so excited to write this: I am finished my last winter semester of my undergrad experience.

THE LAST WINTER SEMESTER OF UNDERGRAD. With that being said, I am also finished with my internship at the Baltimore Sun. I was really sad to leave and especially sad to leave the 27inch iMac I used to edit photos all the time. But on the bright side, they’re keeping me as a freelancer so I’ll be doing the same thing I did as an intern. The only difference is that I’ll be working from location or from my house and actually getting paid for it. Can’t complain.

It’s been so hectic in finishing up the semester that I haven’t had a chance to give you guys a new post. I’ve been trying to respond to and keep up with all of your comments though! I have a handful of new ideas in mind to show you guys and with winter break looming ahead I’ll have a good amount of time to dedicate to the blog.

If you haven’t read my first published literary piece I suggest you STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ IT. Please. I worked hard on it and to my surprise it went VIRAL after two days….like, what? Special thanks to the Facebook page, Have A Gay Day for sharing it. Click here to read, all photos and words are by me. Special thanks to Dale for allowing me to tell his story.

Thanks for your continued support and commentary! Talk soon on here!

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