GUEST POST: Pure Bathing Culture in Washington, D.C.

This is a guest post by Kyle Andercyk, aka KeyLimeHi on Instagram. If you’ve been following me, you’ll recognize that name as my past intern. He has been working hard to build up a name for himself and since unshackling him from the intern chains he has gotten a national byline with The Baltimore Sun, built up a list of several clients and photographed a concert on his own merit. I couldn’t me more proud. Check out this guest post.

The line wrapped around the block. It seemed like it would never end. We were all patiently waiting to see Pure Bathing Culture at The Black Cat in DC. After a while I was inside and the hype was real. Everyone was talking about how excited we were to see this amazing band perform. Before we knew it, the band walked on stage and everyone went wild; we lost our minds. The whole room was packed on top of that so I had to fight my way to the front to make sure that I could get the shots I needed. This was a momentous occasion because this was my first assignment on my own. I was beyond excited. After the band introduced themselves they wasted no time jumping right in to the music. Pure Bathing Culture is originally from Portland, Oregon and the fact that they made it all the way over to the East Coast was amazing. What was more amazing was they sounded great playing live! I couldn’t believe it. They sounded exactly like they did on record. 

Their music has this hypnotic vibe to it with a dash of Fleetwood Mac for that extra special something. Every single member of the band was incredible. Since their music had that hippy vibe to it I made sure to use some prisms to create cool in camera effects. The lighting was awesome too. Just the right amount of pink to make the light soft and inviting. I hope to be able to see them perform again because they are my new favorite band. So go check out Pure Bathing Culture (@purebathingcult on Instagram) you won’t be disappointed. 

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